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When Black Lives Matter

an ode to my fellow White folk

with ignorant words sounding so unwoke.

do you actually hear what comes out of your lips

when you say racist things? lemme give you some tips.

in one instance mainly you give me a scare,

that there’s no humanity under your white skin right there.

when hearing Black Lives Matter you retort with offense

that “All Lives Matter” and your body goes tense.

so let’s break some things down so you really can see

and stop offending all with your idiocracy.

White people whining, your white privileged life shining,

“what about me?” you say reclining,

“i want refining, All Lives Matter, not just Black.”

when you say these racist words you hijack

the meaning and the movement, which i think that you know,

you just can’t have a world not white as snow.

a world where colors and flavors mix and entwine

and we color outside of those fragile white lines.

where children of color can live without fear

that someone will harm them every day of the year.

where police are abolished and can no longer kill

innocent black women and men, trans and mentally ill.

where health care is given to anyone alive,

and good food and education helps all BIPOC thrive.

where votes actually count and no longer suppressed,

so our country’s disparities are truly addressed.

where the criminal INjustice system doesn’t exist,

and instead of jailing and beating we look to assist.

what it is says to BIPOC when you utter that phrase

is that WHITE lives matter, which has been for ALWAYS.

it’s time to step up, change, and prove that it’s true,

that People of Color are complete humans too.

and for White folk to learn of the harm that we’ve done,

and continue to look to undo and not run

away from the systems we have built for the few,

and tear them all down and make something brand new.

so my fellow White folk, I shout to you a rally cry

to see all humans’ worth so no more needlessly die.

please, think this with care and look to your heart

and open the first crack of an antiracist start.

and if you again hear old supremacy thoughts a’clatter,

you stop and know that when Black Lives Matter

THEN all lives truly matter.

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