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Born and raised in Dallas, Nicola Graham moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Texas A&M University with a double-major in Management Information Systems and Finance [#nerd] and has called LA home ever since.  Nicola has acted in, written, and produced numerous film, television, and new media projects.  She recently co-starred in the film "Gap Weekend" and "818," both available on Amazon, and the TV shows “My Crazy Ex,” and “Beyond Therapy.” However, Nicola might be remembered most notably from “Wheel of Fortune” where she not only solved the final puzzle, winning a car and trip to Hawaii, but also made an ugly cry face yet to be matched on network television [#winning].

Nicola is currently on a [#longoverdue] antiracist adventure in her new series, "the antiracist white chick." Found on IG, YouTube and as a blog, the antiracist white chick covers new topics each episode as Nicola shares things she is learning on her antiracist journey. Join her as she tries to demystify and dismantle racism White person by White person, idea by idea, policy by policy, and system by system [#stepitupwhitefolk].

Nicola is very proud to have starred in the sketch comedy series, "The #Hashtagged Show," which she co-created/produced/wrote on Instagram @HashtaggedGO [#laughyourassoff].  Nicola was also in the web series, “Sunday Brunch,” where she was able to work out some past relationship issues with her semi-autobiographical character Ryan, which she wrote and produced as well [#artimitatinglife].  And let's not forget her role in TLC's first ever scripted pilot, “Surviving The In-Laws,” an improv-outline format show, which got the coveted “Honey Boo Boo” lead-in air time [#mustseeTV].

You may recognize Nicola's face as the "Sexually Oblivious Female" Internet meme [#hot]. Taken from [#stolen] the short film "Sexually Oblivious" on Funny or Die which Nicola wrote, produced, and starred in, Nicola's character, Karen Shipley, has created a wonderfully oblivious life of her own.  Karen can now be found in her own short, "Sexually Oblivious Too: A Meme's Life," on "The #Hashtagged Show," and on numerous Reddit, Facebook and Instagram pages, proudly serving [#demoralizing] women everywhere.

Nicola was seen for years doing stand up around the LA area, performing in venues such as The Comedy Store, Flappers, Sal's Comedy Hole, Three Clubs, and Bar Lubitsch. She also performed in the live sketch/stand-up show “Sex and the Witty” in Hollywood, which she co-wrote and produced [#shesaCarrie].

Nicola's love of sports (go Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, Aggies, and Stars!) and hosting have lead her to be a Fantasy Girl on the online show, "Fantasy Sports Girl" as well as being a six week contestant/correspondent on the Versus Channel's, "Fanarchy."  You can currently find Nicola live at any sports bar in LA, alienating men everywhere as she cheers loudly and aggressively for all of her Texas teams [#cryinginherbeer] or writing her Game Show Biz comedy pilot [#cryinginherMac].


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