the antiracist white chick is a new series from Nicola Graham told through the personal journey of her learnings on how to be an antiracist. The show is designed and intended to demystify and dismantle racism for White folk and open the dialogue on this important movement. Come join the antiracist white chick as she works to break down and unpack racism White person by White person, idea by idea, policy by policy, and system by system.

the antiracist white chick

Episode 1: Racist, Antiracist, and “Not” Racist
Episode 3: American Prisons are the new Factory Farms
Episode 5: White Privilege and my Daily Life
Episode 7: Cookin' with Crackers
Episode 9: Don't be a Karen
the antiracist white chick's Birthday Bloopers Bash!
the antiracist white chick season 1 sizzle!
Episode 2: Weird Science
Episode 4: White Privilege and my Invisible Knapsack
Episode 6: When Black Lives Matter
Episode 8: Bring Sound to the Silence
Episode 10: Welcome to Whintervention
Episode 11: White Folk Resource Guide
Episode 12: The Abolition Mission