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The Abolition Mission – Defund the Police

I’m on a mission of abolition, shouting defund the police

To dismantle oppressive systems ‘til all targeted are released.

When I say abolition, I mean tear this shit down,

It disproportionately affects trans, mentally ill, and people Black and brown.

Let’s start with the police, these “blue lives” you speak of,

Trained to shoot and kill, not show empathy or love.

With budgets of billions and donning military-grade gear,

they are not serving nor protecting, rather patrolling by fear.

Terrorizing targeted areas only, not the million dollar hoods,

with police and sheriff gangs tormenting, all in the name of “good.”

I mean defund the police as they take on too much,

Not educated fully, harming all they’re not trained to touch.

First responders to issues of mental health, drugs, and schools,

When social workers, educators, and counselors have actual tools.

So let’s turn to our imaginations and wonder what could actually be

If we could take away the 3.14 billion dollar budget of the LAPD.

We could provide housing and health care and universal aid to all,

Create parks, healthy foods, and design an education overhaul.

Mental health resources and services could be afforded,

Reimagined public safety and crisis management then awarded.

We could create a world where everyone actually has what they need -

versus 54% of funds going to sanctioned state violence of the LAPD.

With investments of services our communities would be healthier,

As heavily policed areas aren’t the safest, it’s those with resources, like the wealthier.

With these resources we’d be empowered to care and look out for each other,

So police violence can no longer take lives of our fellow sisters and brothers.

And though we can’t bring back the many lives tragically taken,

We can focus on service and care so those most harmed aren’t forsaken.

If Black lives actually mattered we wouldn’t need blue lives at all,

And we could collectively imagine all the services we could install.

Defund the police isn’t a “snappy” slogan, we do not want reform,

This system is working as it was made to, we want to start over and transform.

Let’s abolish, let’s defund, let’s create programs for those affected,

Full of resources so communities can actually be served and protected.

a cartoon depiction of Defund the Police
What Defund the Police Really Looks Like

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