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Weird Science

I talked about being an Antiracist in my previous post - which made me think of other words that start with “anti”- which led me to a mental game of Weird Science.

As you may recall from biology class, an antibody is a large number of proteins, aka white blood cells, produced in response to foreign bodies called antigens, such as bacteria and viruses, in the blood. Antibodies bind with these antigens to neutralize or destroy them.

So this made me think, if the antigen, which is a foreign toxic body, is racism, then antibodies are the antiracist white blood cells made to fight this virus, this disease of racism.

If you break up the word disease, you get dis - ease, meaning the natural state of “ease” being imbalanced or disrupted. Something is out of order with the ability to get back in balance, back to a state of ease. The dis-ease in our society is Racism. It is toxic, it is not natural, it is imbalanced. The antiracism antibody is here to fight against what is attacking us, the 400-year-old dis-ease of racism.

Science talks about the human body, I am talking about the Humanity Body, the body of humanity. Where racism is the antigen, the cancer, that is causing disease on the body of humanity. Antiracism is the Antibody for the Humanity Body. For Every Body. We are the Antibody for the Humanity Body.

Let’s all fight this cancer, this antigen of racism, in our country. In our world. In all of humanity, this dis-ease. For the human body, all of the Humanity Body, every body – Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, White. All colors. All Races. All bodies, as the antibody.

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