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Bring Sound to the Silence

Let’s say you and your family are being harmed, like constantly, all the time, and always have been. Wherever you, your mom, dad, brother, sister, son, or daughter go, you are treated poorly. Watched. You get pulled over by the cops constantly. They slammed your brother to the ground, and then in jail, and he can’t get out because his bail is $20,000. Same thing happened to your Dad but he’s out now, only he can’t get a job, and isn’t allowed to vote in this upcoming election. Your little sister was killed when buying medicine for your Mom one night. Your son and daughter can’t walk to school right around the corner because it’s too dangerous and 3 kids were shot last week. This is your life and was your parent’s life and will be your children’s life.

Only it could be different. Because you know people see what is happening to you and your family. You know that they read your stories and see your photos and hear your cries. But they are silent. They don’t do anything. They don’t say anything. The people that actually could make a difference don’t support you out in public or share your posts on social media or defend your rights as a human.

They are your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends, your church. You yell, you cry out, you pray for help but they walk on by you. They stay silent to your pain.

Really imagine this happening to you. This is White Silence. Silence hurts and our silence can actually kill.

It’s time to speak up, do something and pass it on. It’s time to bring sound to the silence.

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